What does an appraiser look at?

The purpose of an appraisal is for the appraiser to see firsthand the home’s location, the quality and condition of its construction, the home’s amenities and features that may affect the property’s value.

           Condition Of The Interior.

Even if the roof, siding, and foundation are all in excellent shape, the interior of your home is just as crucial to the appraiser when assessing value. Items such as the windows and doors, flooring, walls, plumbing, electrical, kitchen, and bathroom are all essential parts of a home.

Should I get my home appraised before selling?
If the price you want for your house can be easily supported by recent comparable sales then it may not make sense to have an appraisal done. An appraisal may become a material fact about the property, especially if a buyer asks if an appraisal has been done recently.  It is at this point that you as the seller have support from a licensed professional.  You may also have peace of mind putting the house on the market having an appraisal in hand in a similar manner.
How much does it cost to get something appraised?
Appraisers charge by the hour, the piece or total project — never a percentage of the appraised value. Hourly rates typically run from $150 to $350, depending on experience and accreditation. There may be travel charges, direct and indirect expenses.  A typical appraisal can run anywhere from $400-$1,000 dependant upon the size of the and complexity of the home and project.  When properties and projects become extremely complex in nature fees can exceed this typical range as well.
What happens if the appraisal comes in low?
The buyer can make up the difference in cash. The lender is only concerned about the appraisal to the extent that it affects the loan-to-value ratio. A low appraisal does not mean the lender won’t lend on the property. It means the lender will make a loan based on the ratio agreed to in the contract at the appraised value.
How should I prepare for a home appraisal?
  1. Be sure to have any safety equipment installed and working properly. 
  2. Walk around your home before the appraisal with a critical eye. 
  3. Inform your home appraiser of any home improvements you have done on your home. 
  4. Do some sprucing up. 
  5. Do some research on other homes in the neighborhood. 
  6. Do your best to have the house ‘tidy’ but understand the appraiser is not concerned about the laundry & dishes being done.
Does a messy house affect an appraisal?
Unless the amount of clutter begins to affect the structural condition of a home, it will not affect an appraisal. The cleanliness of a home also has no impact on the value. It is not uncommon for an appraiser to walk into a cluttered, messy home.
Ways you can bolster your appraisal:
  1. Make sure your appraiser knows your neighborhood. 
  2. Provid your own comparables. 
  3. Know what adds the most value. 
  4. Document your “fix-ups”. 
  5. Talk up your area/town.  
  6. Clean Up. 
  7. Give the appraiser space to do their job.
Do houses usually sell for appraised value?
Unlike the market value, the appraised value is not necessarily the price a property will be bought or sold for. Rather, it is a guideline in the selling or buying process. Generally, a property will not be sold for more than its appraised value, especially if a lender is financing the purchase.  What can be proven on paper for a lender can at times be different than what someone may be willing to pay.
Should you ever pay more than appraised value for a home?
There is no law against paying more than a property’s appraised value, mortgage lenders almost never loan more than that value. In cases in which a property’s appraised value is less than sales price, the buyer and seller often find themselves in uncertain circumstances.
What happens if house appraised below asking price?
Lenders will lend up to the appraised value, no more. At that point, sellers either reduce the price to the appraised value or the buyer kicks in cask to close the difference. Understand that if it’s an FHA appraisal, that will stay with the home under the case number for 120 days. The bank will NOT lend above the appraised price.
Will my home appraise high enough?
Mortgage lenders typically want to lend no more than 80 to 97 percent of the home value, so if your down payment is between 3 and 20 percent, you should be fine, depending on your mortgage lender’s exact rules. If your appraisal comes in higher than the price in your purchase agreement, congratulations!
How long does it take to close after appraisal?
Lenders require this because they do not want to lend more money than the current market value of a property. The borrower is required to pay for the appraisal up-front. After the home appraisal is completed it will take about an additional 3-5 days to be clear to close on the home.
Where do I get a copy of my appraisal from?
If you are financing your property, you will receive your appraisal from your lender.

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